A Positive Dental Treatment Outcome is Based
on a Positive Doctor to Patient Relationship


My vision is to restore missing or damaged teeth in harmony with both normal function and classical concepts of beauty (unity, stability and balance).

Core Values

Dentists have a wealth of techniques. The core value of this office is to utilize all dental techniques as indicated. We are not a marketing or a production firm and do not advocate one technique over another. All options will be reviewed and patients will be given time to participate in all treatment decisions.

Theory: The Link between Function and Esthetics

History is filled with various theories attempting to define facial aesthetics which were based on factors such as culture, pure science, pure math, personality traits, etc. Over time, theories changed with the changing philosophies, fashions and ideals of aesthetics.  This office defines aesthetics based on a classic view that it should be universal and transcend time, culture and the whims of fashion.  In order to achieve this type of aesthetic, this practice pays close attention to the visual perception of harmony and symmetry in a composition which mirrors the ideals of both classical antiquity and the high renaissance. This involves the unity, stability and balance of various components in a composition. Dentistry is faced with the challenge of creating dental restorations which complement facial aesthetics and also function in an optimal fashion.